Peter Struijk was born on March 28th in Gouda, the Netherlands. He grew up in and around The Hague. As a child, he visited the local Jazz clubs with his parents, which he hated at first, but learned to appreciate over the years. At a young age he started out on the piano but after a while he switched to guitar. Although he’s not a stranger to the later electric “Chicago” style, his main style is of course the acoustic slide stuff.

Peter works as musician, teacher and producer. For his debut solo album “Human Ways” from 2009, he recorded with his longtime friend the legendary Chicago blues singer Tail Dragger, with whom he also shared many times the stage at blues clubs in the “windy city” Chicago U.S.A.

In 2015 he released his acoustic album “STRAIGHT BLUES” including Liz Mandeville and Rockin’ Johnny Burgin. Beside his own recordings, Peter has played on many albums of various artists and bands.

From 2010 Peter has worked with Robbert Fossen. Together they formed the Fossen & Struijk band. Their album “Clubbing” was released worldwide in 2013 and brought them to a lot of great venues. The band won the award for “Best Dutch Blues Band” in 2014. Robbert and Peter as duo were the winners of the Dutch Blues Challenge 2012, and finalists at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis USA in 2013. In 2018 Peter decided to quit the band.

Peter was also nominated for “Best Dutch Blues Guitarist” in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

After many years of playing and touring a big part of the Globe he took a break from playing in public and recording sessions. Now some years later in life Peter is enjoying his guitars more than ever! Not for the fame, likes or cash but for the love of music only!

His upcoming album “One Man Blues” will be out in 2022!