Using a fine balance between, distortion, volume, melody and passion, Kip Macklejar offers a brilliantly unique sense of character and style – qualities that shine brightest on his brand new single ‘Headphones On’. The near five-minute journey; which is written, recorded & performed by Kip (with the exception of drums), addresses modern life in a stylish, consistently progressive and addictive manner. With these different layers all blending together to envelop listeners. Making this an unmissable and decidedly
poignant track for our current generation. The track boasts catchy riffs with a vastly emotive, ever-evolving vocal lead. Needless to say the track clearly demonstrates that artists superb ear for engaging and catchy melodies.


With a natural bond to music, a love for guitar, and a deep-running desire to keep authentic rock and roll alive – Kip’s journey has been one of building and progressing in both performance and creative skill. From being born and raised near London, Kip relocated to his Mother’s hometown of Copenhagen,  and became absorbed in the music scene, both as a live performer and behind the bright lights. After the unfortunate end of his former band, Kip ultimately found freedom in paving his own way as a solo act. He chose to step away from previous styles and embrace the misfortune, reflecting upon it to forge his own way as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and self-reliant creative.