In 2015 Sam Redbreast Wilson formed the Juke Joint Revival – “one of the most talented modern acts interpreting classic blues” according to Global Texan Chronicles and released a full-length album, Swampside Crawl, in 2018. After touring with his Hill country blues band, the Juke Joint Revival in 2020, he took a break. “I felt like I was running out of creative energy with Juke Joint Revival when I realized all the new songs I was writing were country songs,” he said. “I had different stories to tell now, and I could no longer tell ’em with the blues. I needed more space and freedom in writing.”
With this new eight-song album called Tradin’ Your Love, he traded Mississippi juke joints for the wide-open skies of Colorado, establishing himself as a country singer-songwriter. “My inspiration came from where music first took root for me: Guy Clark, Townes, Steve Earle, and Rodney Crowell, the great Texans.” He also drew inspiration from his own life and all its ups and downs. Redbreast Wilson asks meaningful questions about life that take shape in his lyrics. He released his latest single “New Mexico Sun” in late 2023.