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Featured Artists

La’Bronn Conner Jr.

La’Bronn Conner Jr. is a fresh blues singer that has the fire of soul in his heart. At the young age of 18-years-old, he is working on his debut single entitled Freedom On My Mind, an unfiltered perspective on the ways of the world today, in an anthemic blues number talking about the freedom that is on the minds of children and adults of this generation.

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Alex Dixon’s Vintage Dixon

Extending a blues tradition that runs deep in his blood, Alex Dixon —producer, bassist, pianist, and grandson of the late master songwriter, producer, singer, and instrumentalist Willie Dixon —returns to the roots with his new album The Real McCoy, due from his label Dixon Landing Music in March 2020.

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Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers

Ray Fuller from New Albany Ohio, was given his first guitar at the age of 8, a Gibson Melody Maker. At an early age, Fuller was inspired by the British Invasion; Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and the Animals bands. Fuller’s first Blues album he ever heard was John Mayall and the Blues Breakers featuring Eric Clapton. “I could tell good blues guitar when I heard it…it was different.”

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The Legends

B.B. King – Famous Quotes & Trivia

The significant difference between B.B. King and his disciples is that he had long ago mastered the concept that less can be more when it comes to the number of notes in a solo. “If it’s done well with less, then use that,” he says. “

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Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin possessed one of the most distinctive and influential voices in the history of popular music.
In a 50-year recording career she racked up 20 Top 10 albums, a dozen million-selling singles and earned no fewer than 18 Grammy awards.

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Otis Rush – The Unsung Legend

Otis Rush created a sophisticated, modern blues sound that has been imitated, but never duplicated. His lack of commercial appeal in no way deflects from the contributions of this very talented individual.

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