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Featured Artists

Kip Macklejar

With a natural bond to music, a love for guitar, and a deep-running desire to keep authentic rock and roll alive – Kip’s journey has been one of building and progressing in both performance and creative skill. From being born and raised near London, Kip relocated to his Mother’s hometown of Copenhagen,  and became absorbed in the music scene, both as a live performer and behind the bright light

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Eric Heideman

Ever since Eric first picked up a guitar, the instrument captivated his heart and soul. The 21-year-old blues guitarists and singer has continued to be inspired by old and new blues musicians such as Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, B.B. King, Ronnie Earl, Danielle Nicole, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Jonny Lang.

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Shawn Pittman

Pittman is the rare artist who intuitively balances genuine creativity with a deep reverence for those who paved the way. “There just aren’t people around anymore that can do things like Howlin’ Wolf or Guitar Slim or Albert King did,” he says. “Those guys created their own thing and had people playing with them who played that stuff naturally. We will never see that again.

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The Legends

B.B. King – Famous Quotes & Trivia

The significant difference between B.B. King and his disciples is that he had long ago mastered the concept that less can be more when it comes to the number of notes in a solo. “If it’s done well with less, then use that,” he says. “

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Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin possessed one of the most distinctive and influential voices in the history of popular music.
In a 50-year recording career she racked up 20 Top 10 albums, a dozen million-selling singles and earned no fewer than 18 Grammy awards.

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Otis Rush – The Unsung Legend

Otis Rush created a sophisticated, modern blues sound that has been imitated, but never duplicated. His lack of commercial appeal in no way deflects from the contributions of this very talented individual.

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