Are you a fan of blues, blues rock, jazz, funk, boogie, and soul? Are you looking for blues, but not the same things you’ve heard too many times before? Do you need some relatable songs that reflect your life? Do you want to feel moved by music?

With solid songwriting, soulful vocals, ripping guitar, a rock solid rhythm section, adventurous horns and stirring backing vocals, this is unlike your typical standard blues fare.

The Hitman Blues Band plays original Modern Blues / Alternative Blues. Everything that’s come before – rock, traditional blues, jazz, funk – their music is a combination of everything. The common thread for every tune is the blues.

Hitman says “All of our songs are taken from real life, mainly my own. Funny, tragic, good time, angry, love, heartbreak – it’s all there. No “woke up this mornin'” or “My baby done me wrong” songs here, I’ve never slept in a hollow log or shouted “Lordy Lord”. This is honest music, for real people.”

Russell “Hitman” Alexander is that guy you probably know. He worked as a musician starting as a teenager, but also did other things to support his family. Besides hard physical labor, he had to learn technology for more income – as a sub-sub-sub contracted freelancer.

But the first priority is always music. Hitman says,”When my father died, there were certain songs that kept me going. When my daughters were born, there were songs that expressed my happiness – and concern. Music isn’t just background noise – it’s a soundtrack to our lives.”

As the son of famed jazz vibist Ray Alexander, he was exposed to music from childhood on. Early memories include his father’s jam sessions with luminaries such as Tal Farlow, Major Holley, Oliver Jackson, and many others, as well as attending many live performances. It was always his goal to be a professional musician, but he also began songwriting in his early teens.

Having over 40 years experience as a professional musician/bandleader, songwriter, publisher, and record company owner, Hitman has seen many sides of the business. He has performed worldwide, and now leads The Hitman Blues Band.

With over 500,000 Spotify streams, people are finding something to relate to – maybe you will, too. Join Hitman on his journey. Hear the music, see the videos, SUBSCRIBE, and spread the word if it moves you!