Bob Salmieri is a Italian composer, musician and writer. He plays tenor and soprano sax, ney and Turkish baglama.
Coming from a Sicilian family who emigrated to Tunisia in the early 1900s, he has always been interested in Middle Eastern culture, infusing all his projects with it’s atmospheres and sounds, mixing the jazz language with that of Arab culture, often inserting unusual instruments in this genre such as the Ney flute, or Turkish stringed instruments such as in baglama or the tambur or percussive instruments with the Daf frame drum.
He directs the groups: Erodoto Project and Bob Salmieri Bastarduna quintet (Jazz Mediterraneo)
Milagro Acustico (World Music) Manosanta Hard Soul (Hard Bop)
He collaborates with musicians from all over the world in the realization of record projects or for live concerts.
He has published four novels all inspired by Sicily and Mediterranean culture.