The Ice Cream Man began his musical journey in his car, driving long distance, listening to classic rock full albums one after the other – unveiling a world of personal freedom, honesty, everyday life poetry and rough beauty that changed his perspective about how deep feelings could be expressed, soothing your spirit and body. Inspired by great 70’s songwriters such as Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, John Lennon or Dennis Wilson, he bought his first guitar at 20 and began to write songs right away – never stopped ever since. He now truly believes that music, and the way it can be welcomed into this world, is really a spiritual practice – and that music that touches your heart and soul has, indeed, the power to change the world. After 10 years of traveling, and more than 100 songs written, he decided to record an album, full of life, love, and rock’n’roll – 12 songs between West Coast Rock, Folk, Country, and Blues. But who wants to put a label on a soul ?
” Lookin’ for ”it” ”will be released on June 21th, 2024. I hope this album will now follow you in your long distance journeys, and changes your world.