Aryan J. King is a singer, songwriter, music producer and a professional guitarist with an exquisite taste for hard rock and blues. Having performed in his first concert at the age of just seven, unleashed an overwhelming passion for music. The aesthetic thirst for a proficient essence of music pushed him thrice into Berklee College of Music to study Songwriting, Music Production and Music Business. Later, Audio & Music Engineering became an addition to his credentials on his study venture to University of Rochester.

Born in Madrid to a loving family embraced with a musical background, Aryan J. King has an instinctive fondness for music and its genres. His father started schooling him with flamenco guitar while he was just three. Aryan’s childhood memories are adorned with his music experiments as he recorded a Hip Hop song with an old MP3 player and microphone. He had a keen interest in Hip Hop culture until he heard “Parisienne Walkways” by Gary Moore and “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses, which steered his life in a different direction as he made it a goal to become the top blues guitarist in the world.

Aryan J. King failed to perform at a jam session when he was just fifteen and ended up in extreme depression with sleepless nights. However, he was not ready to give up, and the desire to make a substantial return, took precedence over everything else. He seamlessly struggled with the guitar, until his fingers would bleed and the strings would break open. His passion and dedication eventually bore the fruits of his success as he started being invited by significant number of renowned artists on private shows, jam sessions and studio records.

In his musical journey, Aryan J. King has done ghost writing and ghost production for worldwide famous artists. The year 2017, in fact marked the onset of a new era in his life as he started writing his own album. It was not until 28 September 2019 when hit the studio for the first time to record his own song with his own production. It was a total success as he reached a reasonable globe audience through YouTube. He is currently busy as he uncaps his pen every next morning to pen down the new song, he is going to hit the studio with for recording and production.”