Tiny Legs Tim is a finger-picking virtuoso and talented slide guitarist with an instantly recognizable voice. He’s also a fine lyricist and a gifted songwriter with a strong feel for melody and clarity resulting into an ever-growing collection of personal compositions based on his eclectic love of blues and roots music.

No wonder TLT’s records and shows set him apart entirely. Tiny Legs Tim is a nod to his thin legs, a consequence of the six years he spent in hospital fighting for his life – an experience adding to the authenticity of his lyrics and delivery. For sure, this Belgian cat’s got the blues.

While staying true to his blues roots and the acoustic masters that fueled his passion, Tiny Legs Tim is always perfecting his skills as a songwriter and widening his musical scope at the same time. This is beautifully illustrated in the seven highly acclaimed albums he released in the past 10 years. As a result, he is reaching audiences that are not necessarily familiar with the blues and can now be increasingly found playing the alternative circuit.