Mississippi MacDonald is a 3 times British Blues Awards nominee, from London, England. He has been playing since he was 11 years old and has travelled extensively on the US blues trail, meeting, amongst others, Pinetop Perkins, Willie Big Eyes Smith, Otis Clay and BB King. In 2010, he was part of the team that purchased a gravestone for the late Hi Records recording artist and soul legend, OV Wright.

Mississippi’s albums, “Dress For The Money” and “American Accent” reached number 1 and 3 respectively in the UK IBBA Blues Charts. American Accent was one of the top 10 IBBA albums of 2016, and was the “Blues Is Back” Album of the Year, 2017.

Mississippi MacDonald and Steve Bailey: With The Soul Fixers was released in September 2017 to critical acclaim. Named as one of the IBBA top 12 picks of 2017 and Saint FM’s Blues Is Back Shows Record of the Year, the record got significant international airplay, including on BBC Radio 2’s The Paul Jones Show, who described it as a “Splendid…. a really really excellent album”.

BluesMagazine.NL said:  “Mississippi MacDonald is, despite the moniker, an English bluesman, and a guy with his feet, soul and spirit firmly rooted in the US southern blues music tradition. Joined here by US harp player, Steve Bailey, he has turned out an excellent, searing album that simply rocks and roars along from start to finish……one of those releases that come as a welcome surprise in an overcrowded blues music world these days, with genuinely top-notch writing, musicianship and grasp of just what makes a damn, fine release.”

WA Blues Society: From the opening bars of “I’d Rather Be Blind, Crippled & Crazy,” which is performed as a tribute to O.V. Wright, Mississippi’s stellar vocals shine as do his guitar chops…….Mississippi seamlessly blends his blues with elements of R&B and country making for a unique sound. Very highly recommended

Blues In Britain magazine praised “…Mississippi’s Albert Collins’ flavoured guitar work….blistering. Soulful vocals and excellent fretwork. Genuine blues, played with passion and hugely appreciated”.

The Tuesday Night Music Club said “A tall man in a shining blue suit and golden shoes he makes quite an impression when he steps up onto that stage. His voice is a clear as a bell, cuts through above the band and yet is as smooth as honey and pours out emotion. The sounds from his Telecaster switch from subtle rhythmic picking to blazingly fast country blues patterns to scorching, screaming leads in an instant. A man that seemingly is just happy to play but who really should be being screamed about in the mainstream.”

“This Is How It Is” was released in 2020. Blues In Britain said “….Mississippi MacDonald gives us an all original tribute to the music created at Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios in Memphis, where Hi Records held court….gospel-tinged music that could have been sung by Al Green or even Otis Redding back in the day. For those who love soul music and Memphis in particular there is plenty to enjoy here”

In 2021, Mississippi MacDonald was signed to Another Planet Music, joining artists Dave Edmunds, Sean Taylor, Sonic Blue, Niall Kelly and Jesse Hector.

“Do Right, Say Right” was released in November 2021 to international critical acclaim. “A man from England called Mississippi with an ear for the classic and an eye on the future has nailed the Chicago sound. Never mind where he’s from, it’s all about where you are now, and this is sensational.”, Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume Music