The Bluescats are Jens Filser, Guitars, Bernd Oppel, Drums and Till Brandt, Bass. The Trio is based in the Cologne area in Germany. The three musicians met in the band Get the Cat, playing originals written by Till Brandt, and founded The Bluescats as a band to feature international blues artists.
Their first production featured the German Bluesharp player Ralf Grottian, a master of his art. Ralf became o long term companion and can be heard on a lot of the following albums.
There live album “Bluescats ft. Tommie Harris” was a great success. They toured Switzerland, France and  Portugal with him. Tommie is a blues gentleman, born in 1947  still agile and always  ready for the road. Together with the live production Till Brandt and Carsten Does made a documentary film on the live of Tommie Harris. Downloads come with the CD or can be purchased through this website .
Brenda Boykin, born in Oakland, California, is another artist regularly featured by the Bluescats. Her roots not only in Blues, but in Gospel and Jazz just the same, fit perfectly to the fine, jazzy Sound of the Cats.
In 2022 the Bluescats got Brenda and Tommie together and recorded „The Willie Dixon Project“. Nine WD originals in their own, inspiring versions with Ralf Grottian on Harp, Dirk Schaad on the B3 and Bernd Winterschladen on Saxophone as special guests.
Coming up is a production featuring Greg Copland. They played a show together in 22 and can’t wait to put together a program with the Blues Soulman looking for the soul of the blues.
The Bluescats are not only a highly professional trio, where each musician is a master  on his instrument, but have a fine feeling to bring forward the individual qualities of their featured artist.  They aim to present those singers in a way you have not heard them before.