Stone Water do not renounce their roots, they build upon it. They draw from the same well of American roots music that inspired the Rolling Stones, Black Crowes and Tom Petty, finding hidden depths within it, shaping tradition according to their own view to make it sound fresh. They serve up loads of soul infused rock with southern accents and a filthy London breeze.

With the debut album “Make Me Try”, mastered by Martin Meinschäfer, Stone Water embarks on their promising journey – but the journey is often more exciting than the destination. For the recording of “Make Me Try”, the band moved into the Schalltona Studio in Hamburg. The result is an album with a fresh and contemporary sound, with a clear vintage vibe that  amounts to a love declaration to the late sixties. The album begins with “Stony Rock”, a raucous barroom rocker with a pounding Stones or Faces groove, and ends with “If You Get Lost”, a Black Crowes typical ballad that reaches deep into the heart, with its strong songwriting and an emotional slide guitar burns. In between there is an astonishing range of musical styles, which nevertheless comes across as extremely homogeneous. Sometimes you find yourself in an authentic West Coast beat with soulful backings inspired by Little Feat, and at other times you’re on the swampy paths of the Mississippi Delta with blues harp and bottleneck guitar. With catchy riffs, sometimes reminiscent of early Lynyrd Skynyrd, the band embellishes the Southern Rock atmosphere. In addition to the ten The band presents their own compositions with a convincing version of “Sway” from the Rolling Stones classic “Sticky Fingers”.