We are not a newcomers in music. We all have being playing since long time but we came from a different music world. Me, Luca, on the drums I played professional for twenty years in heavy metal music with my band Merendine which I toured Europe and part of USA, releasing four full length albums plus any kind of demo or others supporting big bands such as, example, Motorhead. Symphony X, Agnostic Front, Testament etc.. After the band broke up in 2015 I kept going on experimenting hard rock with Not Over Yet producing one full length album collaborating with many musicians such as Blaze Bayley (former Iron Maiden) or Charlie Huhn (Foghat) and more… but I deep wanted to try my self in Blues cause I felt a “call” as a part of my actual feeling.
So Single Malt 15 was born in early 2022 after my father’s death. Me and him used to drink a Scottish single malt 15 when we met to talk, and laughing, I always said that a day I would have set a band with that name. Sadly he passed away in that period and I wanted to started immediately. David Bisson, one of my old guitarist with metal band Merendine joined the project challenging himself on blues playing. On bass joined the project my long time sound engineer Luigi Stefanini, owner of New Sin Studios (Northern Italy) and my band mates in experimental project such as Not Over Yet (Hard Rock) and Low Sin Club (Pop rock). I needed somebody who came from blues on vocals and what’s better than Texas bluesman and master harp Greg Izor. I collaborated with him in 2015 for a Not Over Yet song called “Some Blues”, the first experiment for us on the genre and I knew his voice, his deep feeling on blues and his masterclass on Harp would be the best to have.
All together we produced in late 2022 “FULL THROTTLE” a 10 tracks album dedicated to my father which tells the story of a classic self made man grew up after the WWII who tried to achieve his dreams fighting life from the bottom to the the top. The band released the album digitally on may 19th, 2023 with the video of “To The Top” and released on august 19th, the second video of “Champagne, Whisky and Women”. Actually we are working to play live for the first time in 2024. Music will be also printed in disc soon but it is available digitally worldwide. I Hope you can like it.