I sat on my porch and watched the sunset. I had a glass of red wine in my right hand and the radio was playing dusty blues.I felt pretty lonely.
What should I do with my life now? Without the tingling under your skin when you come off the stage bathed in sweat and just feel good because you could give everything in the concert… for yourself, for the audience, for everyone who loves life. In my desperation and isolation, I picked up the phone and called my good old friend Georg Crostewitz: “Just come by!” I heard his voice on the phone. I got in the car and drove off.
There aren’t many female singers who can interpret blues, soul, jazz and rock with such confidence and authenticity and who have such an intense expressiveness and vocal quality as Jessica Born. In her songs she tells of love, passion and emotional depth. The audience is just waiting to be brought to life by an expressive singer like Jessica Born (Volker Rebell).
With the sophistication of a talented musician, Georg Crostewitz develops a fine, rhythmic guitar playing that is brilliant both as an accompaniment and as a soloist and is reminiscent of Eric Clapton in the “Cream” era (Fr. Rundschau).
Jessica Born was acclaimed by the music press from an early age for her distinctively haunting voice with black timbre. She is considered one of the best jazz, blues and soul singers in Germany. Her extraordinary voice with an unmistakable character gets under your skin immediately. At the age of 18 she was invited to the SWF Blues Festival in Lahnstein. The charismatic singer shared the stage with world stars such as Luther Allison, Blues Brothers, B.B. King, Eric Burdon and many other artists….
Georg Crostewitz
Music studies at the J.W. from Goethe University in Frankfurt/M. Founder of the funk jazz band “LEAF”. For 12 years, this was considered a talent factory for many young musicians, who later continued their path with John McLaughlin, Jennifer Rush and other well-known musicians. Produced and backed by soul and jazz singer Joan Faulkner. Producer and guitarist of international hits by Hong Kong Syndikat, Big Sarah E. and Nuke. Music producer for radio and television. Studio musician, guitarist, composer and producer for ARD programs such as “Wunder der Erde” and “Reisewege zur Kunst”, Arte, hr3 Schulfernsehen….
Blues is the very special language that everyone understands. There is no feeling that cannot be described and conveyed with the blues. Blues conquers fear, dries tears, gives courage and gives strength. It is the secure and expressive home of our emotions – with all facets between joy and pain, irrepressible love of life and thoughtfulness. Jessica Born & Georg Crostewitz play bluesy ballads, rock and soul and rhythm ‘n’ blues from the 1960s to the present day. Without being unfaithful to the blues, they always play their own ideas into their concerts and draw from a variety of different musical styles. A pleasure for the audience: So familiar and yet so different. Can be booked as a duo or with a band.
Audio and video on all platforms:
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Web: www.jessicaborn.de or www.georgcrostewitz.de
FON: 0049 1726108170 or 0049 6046/ 954801