Mathilde Widding is an 18 years old singer songwriter from the city Tromsø, in the north of Norway.
Her music is strongly influenced and inspired by 60’s soul music as well as contemporary music in genres such as soul, R&B and jazz.
With her distinctively soulful, jazzy vocals she has already captivated audiences all over the world with her passionate and sincere music.
She effortlessly creates a tapestry of emotions that connects with listeners on a deep level, through her alluring vocals and sincere lyrics.
Smooth R&B beats, deep melodies and creative vocals cooperate in Widding’s songs to create a refreshingly new sound that makes her really stand out.
Her intricate and emotional singing transports her listeners to a realm of unfiltered vulnerability and reflection, which can be quite cathartic.
She isn’t afraid to present the depths of her emotions and take us on a journey through love, heartbreak, and personal development.
Her ability to intuitively combine parts of R&B and soul into a sound that is both classic and modern, demonstrates a mastery of her craft and unique style.
Mathilde Widding is forging her own path in the world of music with her distinctive R&B and soul fusion, and she invites us into her creative soundscape.
Her debut single “Halfway”, was released on November 11th 2022, and has received numerous positive reviews, both from the artist’s country of origin, as well as several countries abroad.
Mathilde is now working tirelessly on her debut album, of which the songs “Stronger” and “Love (and everything between)” were the first releases. These two songs were the first taste of whats in store for the album, in terms of its sound and creative direction. Both songs were released together on April 7th 2023, as complimentary pieces to each other.
“My Mr. Right” is a modern and groovy soul song, that showcases Mathilde’s playful and versatile vocals, in combination with her and her teams new-thinking, songwriting and production efforts. The song was released on July 7th 2023 and earned her a spin on New Music Friday Norway.
“Tangled up in blue” is Mathilde Widding’s fourth release and is a catchy modern soul song that once again showcases the young artists unique style and her rich vocal expression. It follows neatly in the footsteps of her previous releases, and was released on August 18th 2023.
Keep an eye out for this gifted Norwegian musician, as she makes further waves in the R&B and soul music world.