Marc Blackwell is a singer-songwriter-producer in Arizona, USA. He writes and produces in many genres and styles, but bluesy-gritty-Americana-rock is a favorite. Every album or EP ends up with several in this genre, all co-written with Dean Brantley Taylor.

Critics said this about his debut CD Bring Me Trouble (2011):

“The messy rough funk new Americana you’ve been missing for 40 years.” (Seeds – The Hypetree Blog, July 2012).

“Masters BAD-ASS with ease.” (Music Gems, 2010).

“Catchy melodies, great lyrics and TASTY ear candy .. LUSH guitars .. outstanding back up vocals and slide guitar performances” (The Portal Magazine, Feb 2011).

His bluesy-Americana-rock songs highlight his deep gripping gritty vocals. The stories usually get a bit crazy, there is some dark-fun, a lot of roads are traveled, to bad places, wild places and exciting places. There’s adventure, women, love, escape, mistakes, regret, running, fighting, desperation and more.

In the past, he toured the Midwestern USA for 11 years with Mike & Joe and shared the stage with great bands like The Samples, Kid Rock and Vertical Horizon. He left the band in 2007 and has been pursuing his own music ever since.