Introducing Toronto’s Linda Carone. With a voice that has been described as ‘beautiful, rich, sultry and provocative’. Ms. Carone’s raw, natural and diverse approach to music has shaped her vocal style in a way that is playful, intimate and unpretentious. She boasts an expressive voice and is known to caress lyrical phrasing often lost in todays’ interpretations.
“Black Moonlight” is a wonderful record to wind down to. Carone’s silky flowing sound is soothing and relaxing while at the same time offering a foot tapping good time. You can find Linda Carone’s debut album “Black Moonlight on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and at

“Music is timeless.If it’s a forgotten song that one has never heard before, then it’s considered new. Recreating the sound of an era is not my goal – I discover songs that I love and transport them into the present”.