Linda CaroneIntroducing Toronto’s Linda Carone. With a voice that has been described as ‘beautiful, rich, sultry and provocative’. Ms. Carone’s raw, natural and diverse approach to music has shaped her vocal style in a way that is playful, intimate and unpretentious. She boasts an expressive voice and is known to caress lyrical phrasing often lost in todays’ interpretations.
“Black Moonlight” is a wonderful record to wind down to. Carone’s silky flowing sound is soothing and relaxing while at the same time offering a foot tapping good time. You can find Linda Carone’s debut album “Black Moonlight on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and at

“Music is timeless.If it’s a forgotten song that one has never heard before, then it’s considered new. Recreating the sound of an era is not my goal – I discover songs that I love and transport them into the present”.

Linda CaroneHe’s lived in Switzerland since 2001 and was born and raised in the home of the Blues – the USA. He lived more than 30 years in the States, where he played on stages from Michigan and Florida, from South Carolina to Chicago. John Lyons (Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter) sings and plays the Blues with passion and authenticity. The music is very groovy, a mix of Texas shuffle, Chicago blues, soulful folk rock ballads that make it impossible to sit still.

John has independently recorded and released two albums in 2007 and 2010. John’s third and current album, “Sing Me Another Song” was recorded in the Spring of 2013. As Soundfarm owner Marco Jencarelli (guitarist for Philip Fankhauser) was leaving on tour, he put the keys to his recording studio in the hands of John.