Eva Carboni, born in Sassari on the island of Sardinia, is a talented Blues singer and songwriter. Her journey began at the esteemed Vocal Power Academy in Los Angeles under the tutelage of renowned vocal coach Elisabeth Howard. Collaborating with British producer and songwriter Andy Littlewood and his label Mad Ears Productions since 2017, she is making a sensation in the international blues scene.

From being a guest vocalist on Mick Simpson’s album ‘Black Rain’ on ‘River of Life’, Eva’s distinct style has garnered global attention, with her albums ‘Italia Square’ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, along with numerous singles and the EP ‘In The Name of The Blues’, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing blend of blues, rock, and jazz.

Notable achievements include millions of views for her song ‘Love Me Tonight’, and the placement of ‘New Day Calling’ in the movie soundtrack of ‘Distant Sun’. Eva’s dynamic voice effortlessly transitions from warmth and sensuality to powerful, emotive storytelling, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Eva Carboni’s unmistakable style continues to captivate audiences worldwide, earning rave reviews and widespread radio airplay. Her long-awaited new album, scheduled to be released in summer 2024 and produced by Andy Littlewood, will initially be presented on a European tour, flanked by a solid UK band made up of top musicians.”