Eric Allen is an Americana, blues, and country singer-songwriter and guitarist. He grew up legally blind in Indiana with his father and stepmother, playing in his father’s country and western band from age four. After earning a law degree as the first person in his family to attend college, Eric served as faculty at an Ivy League university before working in publishing in New York City for over a decade. From 2012-2015, Eric backpacked through 45 countries in Asia, East Africa, eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Over the past several years, he has been living in, and playing on several tours throughout, China.

Eric Allen is known for the authentic, soulful, and raspy sound that characterizes his original Americana, blues, and outlaw country compositions, which include 40 YearsTomcat StrollAll on Death RowBlack Water BuffRattlesnake Mama, and Itinerant Blues among many others. Eric will fully-release his 2nd studio album, Prowlin’ Lobo Blues, in February 2023. Using primarily acoustic instruments, and without the use of drums, Prowlin’ Lobo Blues explores life on the rails and road during the mid-19th century, Great Depression, and modern times. Eric’s debut album, Eric Allen, released in January 2021 and was also an acoustic undertaking without drums. Its songs convey stories of life on the road, hope, and longing in Eric’s down-to-earth, world-weary style.

Eric Allen performs as a solo act using his folksy, Texas-influenced fingerpicking style. When not performing solo, Eric is lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the Eric Allen Woodshed band and Howlin’ Rotten Blues duo, which combine a rockier sound with Chicago, Texas, & Mississippi Delta blues. Eric has been featured on tours and at international music festivals throughout China, including the October 2021 Chevrolet World Music Asia Festival in Shanghai and Wuhan, summer 2021 Howlin’ Rotten Blues Tour in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, and summer 2019 Eric Allen Blues Tour in Shandong and Hebei provinces.