The music of “Chris Kramer & Beatbox ’n’ Blues”:
This innovative trio is dedicated to giving a full head of modern steam to that venerable old musical genre, Blues. The audacious idea of combining two guitars, vocals and harmonica with the very untypical (for Blues) Beatbox works like a charm. And as a live act it is a sensation.
All three musicians are masters of their musical specialties: they knock their audiences out with inventive solos on guitar, harmonica, and the unusual beatbox. They can be depended upon to get their listeners grooving along and finally demanding encores!
Sometimes traditionally bluesy — sometimes funky and grooving — sometimes raw, rocking and electric — sometimes soft, sensitive and acoustic – the trio displays perfect craftsmanship and mastery of its art. And because their joy in performing always drives the group into high gear, the finest in entertainment is guaranteed for the audience.
Line-up: Chris Kramer (Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals), Kevin O Neal (Beatbox) and Sean Athens (Guitar).

“Everybody likes the Blues, most people just don’t know it yet!”

(Chris Kramer, June 2016)