Tarantulas blues band formed in 2015 in Orlando, Florida, inspired by the original raw blues styles of early blues artists Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, as well as later artists RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and T Model Ford.

Originally a surf-rock trio known as The Tarantulas , they broadened their style into blues and rockabilly, and eventually formed Tarantulas blues band with Randy J on guitar, Richard Salem on bass, and Bill Juharos on drums. Being a more vocal oriented band than the original surf trio, Tarantulas added blues musician Terry Bryant on vocals along with guest vocalists Tommy Hussey and Diego Daniel.

Tarantulas first single, a rockabilly version of Chris Cornell’s “Black Hole Sun”, was recorded in 2022 in Arizona, and features Tommy Hussey on Vocals. They continued recording their full length release “You Got the Blues”, featuring the vocals of Terry Bryant on “Dirty Toad”, and Diego Daniel on “High and Dry”.

The raw blues style of “You Got the Blues” takes its inspiration from Mississippi blues as well as more modern electric blues artists. From the acoustic delta blues sound of “Final Round” to the heavy rockabilly sound on “High and Dry”, Tarantulas blues band have a sound inspired by the original blues artists.