This soul blues singer from Omaha, NE is making her way in the exploding music scene of Kansas City. After touring for the last two years with another KC based band, Heather decided to fall back into her own rhythm to let the light come shining down. Now she’s booking, writing, recording, and promoting with nothing but passion in her soul for doing what she loves.

Heather’s  band  delivers  an  authentic, bluesy  sound  even  after  only  months of playing  together.  Since  forming  at  the start   of  2017,  Keith  Ladd  (guitar), Ryan Matthew (keys),   and   Cole   Dillingham   (drums)   put  the R&B in  rhythm and blues along  with Heather’s   solid  bass  lines  and  powerful  vocals  holding  everything  together.

“Heather Newman is clearly comfortable as a leader of the band (more like keeper of the band’s happiness.) Coaxing her guys through songs with smiles and attention, she never misses a beat while doing what it takes to make sure the sounds are on track.”
– Peggy Stevinson Bair, Blues Insight