La’Bronn Conner Jr.The genre of blues has seen several faces throughout the generations of young talented musicians that find their way onto the scene by continuing to bring life for the music to come. La’Bronn Conner Jr. is a fresh blues singer that has the fire of soul in his heart. At the young age of 18-years-old, he is working on his debut single entitled Freedom On My Mind, an unfiltered perspective on the ways of the world today, in an anthemic blues number talking about the freedom that is on the minds of children and adults of this generation. Through that single, and the music he’s continually making he introduces those Chicago, Gospel and Soulful blues into his music. His fiery vocals gritted with pain and emotion that reveals itself through every line through his music.

Although born in Cleveland, Ohio, for the summer months each year he would live and spend time with his family down south in Selma, Alabama. There, he would begin to learn to sing the gospel blues and spend time in the baptist churches that dignified his distinct sound. From there, he’d take his roots from Alabama and bring them up north and continue to sing the Gospel to different churches in his area, he made a full switch whence he heard the voice of Big Mama Thornton, and he began to sing the blues with a purpose, and play the drums with a passion.

There on and out, La’Bronn has a vision for the blues and plans to continue singing them to anyone willing to hear the truth. With influences like Big Mama Thornton, Janis Joplin, and Tina Turner, he meshes the projection, the soul and the fire to manifest the soul of blues in his music forever.