A soulful, 19-year old singer that delves into the soundscape of blues music and emerges himself into the vibes of rock music with signature soul vocals. LaBronn Conner Jr. lushly blends bluesy orchestrations with powerful storytelling electric stylings that demands the listener’s understanding and reciprocation.

Although born in Cleveland, Ohio, for the summer months each year he would live and spend time with his family down south in Selma, Alabama. There, he would begin to learn to sing gospel blues and spend time in the baptist churches that dignified his distinct vocal sound. From there he’d take his roots and bring them up north and continue to sing the Gospel to churches, he made a switch to value these sounds whence he felt a strong connection to crafting music of his own.

Through the music he releases, he represents nothing short of soulful arrangements, explosive electric guitars, and church-like organs. The impact of the sometimes soothing and calming vocals and other times vocals gritted with pain and emotion leaves the listener with a deeper connection to him, each and every time.