Anton Commissaris crafts a unique blend of Jazz, Blues, Soul, and occasional Latin rhythms, enchanting his listeners with the sophisticated harmony of a seasoned pianist, composer, and vocalist. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Anton has transitioned from a successful career in Silicon Valley to pursue his true passion in music.

Drawing inspiration from the titans of Jazz and Soul, Anton reveres legendary figures such as Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers. His songwriting journey was sparked by the iconic Lennon-McCartney compositions for the Beatles. Anton’s music is praised for its hypnotizing and relaxing qualities. In his vocal delivery, one can hear echoes of Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles.

In his compositions, Anton melds intricate Jazz and Blues harmonies with vibrant streaks of Soul, R&B, and Funk, alongside some captivating Latin grooves. His lyrics delve into the essence of life, love, and the human condition—addressing daily struggles, ongoing challenges, and our collective quest for meaning and purpose. His songs often paint vivid landscapes, drawing on the wild beauty of nature, and they consistently radiate hope and optimism in the face of life’s highest hurdles.

Since releasing his debut EP ‘On A Bright Note’ in early 2021, Anton has been prolific, recording and releasing six EPs and over 30 songs, each showcasing his evolving artistry and deepening connection to music.