Jonas Carping is an artist and songwriter with a Folk Noir / Americana inspired repertoire. Carping has released 4 studio albums of which the latest “The YLA Sessions” is a live-in-studio recording and his most successful release to date. Jonas Carping is based in Lund in the south of Sweden.

Debut album All The Time In The World reached critical acclaim in the underground blogosphere.
Second album Cocktails & Gasoline was recorded in a cabin in the outback of Sweden. The aim was to preserve the essence in music making when there are no distractions. And to capture the vibe of the wilderness. But also to do so with the very best studio equipment. We came back with eleven new songs under one name – Cocktails & Gasoline.
On September 17th 2020 the third studio album Strangers was released. Strangers is a collaboration with Amsterdam guitar player Michiel Oskam recorded with producer Simon Larkin. On Februari 17th Carping released “The YLA Sessions”, a live-in-studio album recorded during a single session with producer Amir Aly of YLA Studios in Malmo, Sweden. “The YLA Sessions” is Carpings most successful release to date.