Photo by Cindy Boyce

Five experienced blues musicians fan the flames, blowing in gusts on the glowing embers of their shared passion.

Under the artistic direction of producer Vincent Beaulne (vocals, guitar, slide guitar), Daniel Bonin (bass), Gilles Schetagne (drums), Laurent Trudel (vocals, guitar, harmonica and banjo) and Dave Turner (alto and baritone saxophones) set the 12-bar chord progressions ablaze with their intense and masterful playing.

This is blues at its best: original, torrid, vigorous, reaching a fever pitch with their wild rides across the pentatonic scale!

“The blues is nothin’ but a good man feelin’ bad”, so speaks the bluesman. But in this case, the syncopated rhythms phrase the languorous laments just as much as the “Happy Blues”, as the one and only BB King used to call them.

“Open All Night” is also a collection of 13 titles of great lyrical intensity penned by Vincent Beaulne, Robert Langlois and André Trottier. Words that revel in the everyday, words of great simplicity but oh, how powerful.

A torrent of emotions! A whole range of them! Two years after the release of “Rock Island Line” that had been so favorably received, here now is an album that fans will relish with renewed pleasure.

From Lise Raymond