“No Spring Chickens…No Bad Thing”

– Blues in Britain

Following on from 2 tremendously well-received EP releases, Bison Hip return with their upcoming album, ‘Older Stronger Better’, featuring the singles ‘Doghouse ‘ & ‘Stronger’. ‘We’ve been working towards this album since we formed during the lockdown’ explains vocalist Paul. Formed by long-time friends during a lockdown Zoom call in 2020, 4 of the 5 members are over 50. “We wanted the album to reflect where we are in our lives, we’re definitely getting on a bit, but life experience has made us stronger than ever, and I think we’re on top of our game”. Continuing the ethos of real songs played by real musicians, the album is filled with those life experiences. ‘The songs are full of pain, loss, failure, disappointment, but also joy, excitement, and lots of hope. We’re getting older, but the best years aren’t behind us, they’re still to come, and we wanted that feeling in the music’. The band are looking forward to an exciting year, with live shows across the UK. ‘We’re ready to get out there and show people what we’re all about’ adds Paul. ‘It’s taken us a long time to get here, we’ve arrived fashionably late, but the wait has been worth it’. A collection of powerful songs, telling real stories, forged in the band’s hometown of Glasgow, ‘Older Stronger Better’ announces the complete arrival of Bison Hip as a unique blues rock band ready to make their mark.