Los Angeles based indie group, Law & Chaos, has been hailed for its fresh and original sound in the world of Jazz and Blues. Its extraordinary fusion is a celebration of two classic musical genres with contemporary musical influences to present its stories in a unique and thought-provoking way. The band began as a duo, and in January will premiere as a full five-piece band led by lead vocalist and trumpet player Nick Andrea.

Trumpet player, singer and songwriter Nick Andrea sets the tone for the unique sound of Law & Chaos with his distinctive melodies and smooth but gritty sounding lead vocals, described by one contemporary as “velvet sandpaper.” He began playing his instrument as a young boy and was an award-winning high school jazz musician before taking a 30-year break to pursue a successful law career. He is now back and bringing creativity that is innovative while remaining true to traditional musical roots.

As songwriter, Nick Andrea strives to create music that is entertaining and provocative. Law & Chaos first single, “Skeletons in my Basement,” (Oct. 16, 2020) showcased a jazzy bassline combined with the soulful solos of both trumpet and guitar (TJ Sullivan) to take listeners through the journey of escaping the demons of their past. The second, third and fourth singles are part of a dark blues trilogy marked by Andrea’s ‘s personal journey. “Missus 2nd Place,” (Jan. 15, 2021) brought a unique style of blues infused with rock and jazz flavorings and explored the journey from the depths of addiction and betrayal to the road back both to family and sanity. “Whiskey Whispers,” (March 19, 2021) was a soulful blend of blues, jazz and rock, a song that explored the nightmarish existence of an alcoholic after failing to escape the drink that relentlessly whispers their name. The last of the trilogy, “Motherless Soul” (May 7, 2021), took a different tone and flavor with a fusion of blues, rock and rhythm & blues to describe the traumatic experience of a person whose childhood became marked by a mother’s behavior. “Motherless Soul” includes the gritty blues rock sounds of guitarist TJ Sullivan and features an iconic sax solo by Craig Williams of Crooked Eye Tommy. Law & Chaos latest single, “Now All I Do Is Play The Blues” (August 6, 2021), is a throwback to an era of sophisticated arrangements where crooners belted out blues-themed lyrics accompanied by swanky jazz and soaring strings. Amidst the alluring sounds of master musicians on the Piano (Jeff Paris), saxophone (Jim Scimonetti), and guitar (T.J. Sullivan), along with Harmon mute Birdland-era stylings (Nick Andrea), the song relays the pain of remaining in love with someone who has moved on.