Mixing rough and tumble jazz with the gritty side of blues, Tin Pan offers listeners American roots music that captivates the soul. The band originated out of an innate need for music that meets people exactly where they are, providing an immediate, pure and energetic release from the everyday routine. Jesse Selengut, composer, lead vocalist and trumpet player first felt drawn to create Tin Pan after witnessing how his uninhibited style of performance differed from typical jazz presentations—his had the power to astonish and enrapture audiences with the kind of gusto previously reserved for rock n’ roll shows. Once that seed was planted, there was no question that the project would thrive.
With over 170 performances per year for the last 6 years, this dynamic crew has tested and honed every moment of each of their songs. Each arrangement has been created for maximum audience engagement and enjoyment. “The only way to stop people in their tracks is to make each second of every song as compelling as possible,” says trumpeter and vocalist Jesse Selengut.

“Beautifully laid back jazzy blues that will put you in the mood no doubt to drink bourbon smoke cigarettes and lament your woman leaving. Just glorious. There aren’t enough lovely juicy words to let you know how much I love [“My Life Will Be Sweeter”]. Just pure gold!”
–  Sarah Morrison, Insomnia Radio New York: